Silver White Jade Necklace Trullo Puglia Jewels


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Trullo Silver Necklace Puglia Jewels

Puglia Jewels and the constant and deep love for their land, give life to jewels Made in Italy with a unique and contemporary design, which attract the culture, traditions and ancient knowledge of the wonderful land of Puglia.
The necklace Puglia Jewels Trullo is made entirely in our jewelry workshop, through the best of silversmithing techniques.
Trullo's body is made ​​up of black onyx or white jade, which give extra elegance and originality to an exclusive jewel.

Trulli: old buildings

Trullo is ancient structure in Puglia territory for centuries, just think that those remaining are dating from the late seventeenth century.
Made of stone only, without the use of mortar or cement, were generally built as temporary housing in the countryside or residences for farmers.
The decorative elements on top of Trullo, defined pinnacles, according to several legends took on different meanings, often spiritual and magical, according to their shape.

Jewel Necklace
Production Handmade crafts Made in Italy
Material Silver
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 Silver White Jade Necklace Trullo Puglia Jewels

Silver White Jade Necklace Trullo Puglia Jewels

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