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  • Trulli Collection

    Trulli Collection was born from love towards Puglia; it is inspired by trulli , ancient stone structures , full of magic, mystical and decorative references .

    For Trulli Collection, Puglia Jewels offers rings , earrings , necklaces; they reproduce the shapes and the pinnacles of trulli. Unique and original Jewelry is among the best example for gold craftsmanship and Made In Italy.

  • Asteria Collection

    Puglia Jewels creates Asteria Collection, synonymous with romance and elegance.

    It fascinates with its forms reminiscent of starry nights and young loves.

    Asteria Collection' s jewels are products made ​​in Italy , made ​​of silver by hand through the ancient goldsmith.

  • Cashmere Collection

    Puglia Jewels creates Cashmere Collection: elegant, refined, original, inspired by the forms of nature.

    Unique silver jewelry and design Made in Italy, realized through the skillful use of the best craft goldsmith techniques.

  • Nature Collection

    Puglia Jewels presents Nature Collection's jewels, profoundly inspired by Puglia land and the natural elements.

    Nature Collection is realized through the silver craftsmanship creating jewels that recall the shape and elegance of an ancient and unspoiled nature.

  • 9k Collection

    Gems set in gold jewels, give life to a Made in Italy refined and original jewelery that contains in itself the desire for conquest of a range of young clients who do not want to give up gold preciousness.

  • Grottaglie’ s Ceramics Collection

    Puglia Jewels creates Grottaglie Ceramics Collection blending the ancient decorative tradition of potters in Grottaglie with the best crafts jewelry , creating unique and original jewelry Made in Italy.

    Rings , earrings and necklaces made of ceramic and silver , they become knowledge and recognition of the ancient symbol of love for their land : Puglia

  • Orecchiette Collection

    The aromas, flavors and ancient knowledge of Puglia, are the inspiration that Puglia Jewels has followed for the creation of this Collection. Jewels that represent the union of artisan tradition and Grottaglie's potter, a collection from the original design and Made in Italy: Orecchiette Collection.

  • Pinkies Collection

    The desire to Puglia Jewels is to enclose in a unique jewel memories, magic, wonderful aromas and flavors of Puglia land, wish come true thanks to Pinkies Collection.

    A land to love, a little piece of Puglia to take with him.

Showing 1 - 50 of 50 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 50 items